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.JOB File

The .job file is a type of shapefile used in SatLoc® navigation equipment that defines the desired boundary on the navigational screen in the aircraft. Surety and Surety Pro can convert drawn or selected boundaries into .job files to be imported directly into a SatLoc M3, Bantam, or G4 device's hard drive via a usb memory stick or transferred wirelessly in the case of a compatible SatLoc G4 device. (See: Satloc® Wireless Data Transfer Process Walkthrough)

You are able to download a .job file containing one or more boundaries in a variety of ways depending on the way you use Surety® or Surety® Pro.


After Selecting or Drawing a boundary that you would like to prepare as a job file to place in a SatLoc® device, use the File > Export from the menu bar or simply the Export link in the right panel to open up the Export dialogue.


Place a check next to the SatLoc and change the name of the job field to a different number. Keep it a limited to a 3 digit number when working with an M3 or a Bantam.


To download the file directly either Download or click Export.

Download will download the file directly as a .job file 



Whereas Export will place it in a zip folder that would need to be Extracted.



The Wireless link is used after activating the Wireless Data Transfer API. This will allow you to directly send your job file to a G4 device in the plane or helicopter.

See: Satloc® Wireless Data Transfer for a guide to setup that feature.

Application Forms

The Aerial and Aerial w GPA form are both specifically programmed to allow you to directly generate a .job file out of it. 

Look for the Download Job button on the right of the form. Change the number (make sure to leave the ".job" part of the file name.) then click Download Job.


Save As

Job File - Save As

Job File - Save As

NOTE: When saving .job files onto a usb memory stick, make sure that the file isn't within any folder as the SatLoc device may not pick it up.

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