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A shapefile is a geospatial vector data format used by GIS software that was created by ESRI. Points, lines, or polygons can all be contained within a shapefile along with attributes describing the data.
Three required file types make up a shapefile:

  • .shp
  • .shx
  • .dbf

Optional files

  • .prj

When imported into GIS software such as Surety® Pro, shapefiles are automatically placed geospatially on the map.

Polygon boundaries and form data can also be exported from Surety and/or Surety Pro as a shape file.

Surety® Pro also contains the ability to import other geospatial vector data file types including:  

  • Google's geospatial vector file - .KML (Keyhole Markup Language)
    (To import a .kmz file first change the file's extension from .kmz to .zip and extract the kml out of the compressed folder)
  • Database file - .GDB
  • Geography Markup Language - .GML
  • AutoCAD vector file .DXF
  • Geographical JSON file -.GeoJson

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