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Here we have the ability to create a new custom grid. Grids are rows of objects. Grids are useful if you would use them in multiple forms and need a section repeated on each form. For example, the chemical section is a grid on both the Fertilizer and Chemical forms. Grids can contain objects such as radio buttons, check boxes and lists. Another thing is a grid will be assigned a group number. Group numbers are important and they are discussed on their own page -> Forms Designer - Group

Hover over the File tab in the Forms Designer Menu bar


Click on New Custom Grid to Start a grid from scratch


This will open a bank canvas in which to arrange your grid items on.

Grids are very useful if you are making many similar forms and want to use a similar block of objects.

You can layout any object in the Custom grid that appears in the left hand panel.

Note: when you are laying out your grid,you want to place the group of objects as close to the upper left hand corner of the canvas as you can. This will ensure more accuracy when placing it on a custom form.


To save the grid use the Save As function.


Now it will appear in the Custom Grid list in the left panel to be placed on any created form.


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