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A Grid in the Forms Designer is used for placing groups of controls (objects) for quick and consistent form creation. 

Grids can contain multiple Lists, text boxes, drop downs, check boxes, and more. The Form Designer has a variety of ready-made Grid types to use or you can create your own Custom Grid.

The list of Grids are located under the Custom Lists in the left panel of the Form Designer interface.


To place an existing Grid on the canvas, simply select the Grid name from the list and left click on the canvas. Everything contained in that Grid will be added to the form.


Everything contained in a grid will be assigned the same group number once the form template is saved. The group number can be found in the Control Properties panel.


As always, when dealing with items in groups refrain from Copy/Pasting entire Grids or portions of Grids unless it is a new form specific item you want added to a particular group for formula reasons. Instead, simply place another Grid onto the canvas.

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