ND Sensitive Areas

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The ND Sensitive Area layer marks the Sensitive points and areas within the state of North Dakota.

-> The ND Sensitive Area layer is available within all Surety® and Surety® Pro subscriptions.

To enable it, first click Layers then access the Other section by clicking the plus (+) button 


Find the ND Sensitive Areas layer and click the checkbox to turn it on


The sensitive areas will be marked with an indicator on the map. 
There are 2 different types of sensitive areas that are indicated:
Crops are depicted as a green polygon
Apiaries and other sensitive "points" are indicated with a blue dot.


To get more information for the located sensitive area or apiary, go to https://beemap.ndda.nd.gov/map to bring up the North Dakota Bee Map . There under the tools tab, you are able to search by section, township, range or by latitude and longitude (which you can find in Surety in the right hand panel if you use the select x). Once you have brought up your location,  click on the appropriate sensitive area to view more information such as owner name and contact information. 

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