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The Deed Studio is a premium add-on feature of Surety® Pro used to map and manage assorted types of land titles. The Deed Studio significantly
impacts the time invested when working on a project with land descriptions containing course information, whereas significant amount of time would
otherwise be spent mapping out the metes and bounds manually.


Here are some of the features the Deed Studio offers:

Click here to learn how to purchase the Deed Studio

Accessing the Deed Studio / Activating 14 Day Demo

The Deed Studio can be accessed from the File drop down from Surety® Pro account

If the Deed Studio has not been purchased, a 14 day demo will be available to try out.
You will know if a demo is available by the Deed Studio option in the File drop down menu.

Click to activate the 14 day demo

Click to activate the 14 day demo

This will open the Deed Studio in a new tab or window.

Training Resources

If you are new to the Deed Studio, familiarize yourself with its interface by taking a look at the Deed Studio Interface Orientation page.

If you are looking to find help with mapping certain scenarios, check out our Deed Studio - Scenario Mapping How-To page.

Please watch our introductory video on the Deed Studio for a demonstration of plotting a legal description.
Note: because the Deed Studio was in a Beta state at the time of this recording, some current features may not have been available to show.

Purchasing the Deed Studio

When you are ready to purchase the Deed Studio, it can be done by a company Admin.
Within the admin account, go to Subscription Studio from the Admin drop down


Find the team member(s) that want to access the Deed Studio and click on the DS button on the bottom of their profile tile(s).


Click Save to add it to the Cart.


Click the shopping cart to check out and activate the Deed Studio in the selected accounts.


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