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The "My Logo" tool will allow you to place and position your logo on the form wherever you want it as well as whatever size you want.

If you do not have a logo imported into Surety® then you will need to do that first. See Also: Upload Logo Tutorial Video or Manage Logo

Left click on My Logo


Left click on the design view in order to place the Logo.

Note: only one Logo can be placed on the Custom Form.


Your logo will appear on the map if you have one imported into Surety.

You can edit the size of the Logo by changing the height or width value in the Properties panel.

Note: The height and width of the Logo will scale proportionately so you only need to change one of the values.


You are able to move the Logo in a couple different ways.

1.Click on the select tool on the left hand panel.


Now left click hold and drag the Logo around the design panel and release the left click to drop it where you want it.


2. Click the select tool in the left hand panel again.


Left click the Logo so that it is highlighted yellow.

Change the "left" and "top" values in the Properties panel.

To move the Logo down, increase the top value.

To move the Logo up, decrease the top value.

To move the Logo right, increase the left value.

To move the Logo left, decrease the left value.  

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