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Setup a free Administrative Only login that only has access to account settings and admin functions such as the Subscription Studio.

To configure an Administrative Account:

Log in to www.agridatainc.com with a Company Administrator login and go to: Admin > Subscription Studio:


Click "Add New Team Member" button at the top of the page.


Fill out the form: Remember to enable the Admin option with and click Save when finished with the form.


From here select the AO option underneath the new tile that was just created and click Save.


To activate the AdminOnly subscription, a placeholder invoice must be created by clicking on the Shopping Cart icon


Since there is a total due amount of $0, there is an option to just Save as InvoiceNow click on Create invoice.


Click Next after entering an email address.
The status will say Paid and the AdminOnly subscription is now active.


To change a current user to an Administrative Account user, follow the steps in: Can there be multiple company admins for Surety or Surety Pro?

See Also: Company Admin for Surety

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