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The "Soil Sample AgriData" form is a generic form in Surety that is aimed toward clients that have a soil sample lab that they work with that either doesn't have a sampling request form in place or would like another form to accompany an existing form or report.

Locate your Area of Interest on the map and draw or select a border.


Click on the Soil Sample AgriData in the reports/forms list in the right hand panel.

(If it is not appearing in your forms list make sure to check your hidden forms by clicking Favorites)


Once the forms comes up you can fill in information about the Sample request


It is then possible to Email it directly from Surety with the integrated email function, Email PDF. Otherwise you can also save(to your computer) or print the pdf as well. With Surety Pro, users are able to save the form to the map for later reference.


Form more information on emailing a pdf see: Email Report, Form, or Map as a PDF

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