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Snap On/Off is a feature that is located in the left hand panel under Drawing. This feature can be turned on or off by simply checking or unchecking the box. 


Turning the Snap feature On modifies the drawing tool functionality.

The purpose of snapping is if you are drawing 2 borders of 2 fields/properties/parcels next to one another, then while drawing the 2nd area, the points will automatically move or "snap" to the previously drawn border. This ensures that there is no land in between the 2 borders. To the naked eye it will look as though the field line is a single line, however it is actually two separate lines.

While drawing the second border, you will notice a dark blue larger dot appear on another line when you move your mouse close to the other drawing. This is indicating that the the node is snapped to the other line or point.


once you have finished your border you can see that there is no gap between the borders.


Note: the snap tool will not automatically snap your drawn border to existing yellow FSA borders without first Smart Selecting the FSA border.

When to disable the Snap Function

In the event that you are drawing out field borders around a relatively small field, then it is recommended to turn snap off. Otherwise the border may try to snap to itself with unwanted results.

It is not recommended to have the Snap enabled when using the Split Field drawing tool. If ending your split close to the border, the line may snap and split the field unexpectedly.

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