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Drop Down Combo is a combination of the Text Box and a Drop Down List making it more versatile yet quick to use.

Drop Down Combo allows you to have a pre-populated hard-coded list as well as the ability to type an entry into the text box that is not available in the list. 

Drop Down Combo

Note: an item that is typed into this list is not added to the drop down combo list for the next time you open up that form. 

Click drop down combo


Click on the canvas to place the object.


In the text area, compile your list of items to populate the list with.


Remember, just as with the regular Drop Down, the selections need to be properly formatted in the text area.

Correct Formatting
Selection 1
Selection 2
Selection 3

Incorrect Formatting
Selection 1, Selection 2, Selection 3

Add a name for the ability to filter and organize the forms by the data in the Forms Manager and the Form Layer Properties.


Here is what it will look like with an added label when the form is generated.


Using a formula in a Drop Down Combo list

In order to add a formula to the Drop Down Combo, the string VisualList: needs to be placed immediately after the equals(=) sign. See the Drop Down List support page for more information on the process.

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