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The Set Tab Indexes tool sets the order in which the editable objects are able to be cycled through using the Tab key on the keyboard.


Set Tab Index

To demonstrate this, first we will place a few items on the canvas

Once you have a variety of objects placed on the Canvas, click on the Set Tab Index's button in the left hand panel.


All of the editable fields already placed on the canvas will become highlighted in blue and they will contain numbers in each. If you have placed any lists or grids on the canvas they will contain actual numbers, otherwise if the item is not part of a grid or list then it will contain a zero.


The numbers represent the order in which the fields will be tabbed through. By default only 0's and positive numbers appear but negative numbers can be used as well.

A general rule is that you don't want to use the same number more than once because it will then be up to the browser to decide which one to tab to.

In order to change the numbers all you need to do is click on the blue boxes. A right or left click will increase the number by one. Holding down the Ctrl button and clicking on the number will decrease it by one.

Lets demonstrate this by setting the first blank you want to go to as 1


Click in the box that you want to be first so it is set to 1. Generally it is a good idea to start at the top and work your way down but feel free to set this how you want.


Now every time you click on the next object, it will automatically set it to the the number that you previously set +1.


If you click too many times and you went over, you can Ctrl + click to go backwards a number.

Note: If you click off of the Set Tab button at any time during setting the index numbers, then the counter will reset and start back at one.

Once you are finished it will looking similar to this...


To exit the Set Tab view just click into whitespace on the canvas or on another tool in the left panel.


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