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QR Codes can be added to any map or form by with the QR Code tool within the Form Designer available to Surety Pro Administrators.

Once the map/form you would like to add the QR code to is opened within the Form Designer, find the QRCode tool by clicking and expanding the Legend tool group on the left hand side of the interface.


Select QR Code and then click on an open area on the map to place the stand in box.


The default website the QR code will open is a pin of the center point of the mapped boundary in Google Maps.

="https://maps.google.com/?q=" + @selectCenterDecimalLat + "," + @selectCenterDecimalLon


This formula can be changed within the Control Properties

The Control Properties also contains the attributes to modify the size and position of the QR code. Note: It is recommended to set the height to at least 50 in order for the code to be scanned successfully.


A unique option for the QR code is the ability to make the code clickable when the map or form has been generated as a pdf document.


Test the QR code by Publishing the map/form, generating the map/form and then scanning the code with QR code reader on a mobile device.

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