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The Label control in the Forms Designer is an important tool that assists in customizing your company form. It can be used as simple label for a corresponding data entry field, it can contain formulas or variables to display information based on the selected border, map view, client information or more.

Label Characteristics
  • A Label is not able to be retyped like a text box once a form is generated.
  • A label has all of the same properties and formatting options as other text based controls except there is no Border color.
  • Formulas and variables can be part of a label's text.
  • If acting just as a a typical label, the label should NOT be named in the Properties panel. The reason for this is that if renamed, it will be seen as an entry field by the Forms Manager

In this example I will have already placed my map, Compass, and Logo in the design canvas.

Start by selecting the Label button in the right hand panel.


Place a label on the design area by left clicking on the area you would like to place it.


To modify what the label says, edit what is in the Text field on the right hand panel.

This label will end up being a description of a placed text box to the right of this so I am changing it to "Company Name:"


We can change the font size, font color, background color, alignment in its bounding box, if it is bold or underlined by editing the attributed in the properties panel.


As I mentioned previously, you are able to use the label tool for more than just descriptions.

To do this we would place the label like we did before.


Next we would change the text property to be what is called a "Variable."

With the label selected, place your cursor into the text properties panel and delete the current text and type in the equals "=" sign.


Then hover your cursor over Insert Variable in the Forms designer menu bar and click MapLegal


It will place @mapLegal into the text box. This will prompt the software to generate the legal description of the map that was generated once the form is actually generated.
Note: Any supported formula can be entered in the Text property of the Label control. See: Forms Designer Formulas


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