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The Symbols layer is available for both Surety and Surety Pro subscriptions. It allows users to place and edit a list of predefined shapes onto the map for annotation. 

Learn how to convert your drawing to a symbol to be modified. See: Convert Drawing to Symbol

Place A Symbol on the Map

Click on the Symbols button in the left hand column.


The list of symbols will appear below the Symbols button, Click to select which symbol you would like to use.


Left click the map to place the symbol on the map. 


Edit the Symbol

In order to move the symbol around the map, left click and hold on the symbol then drag it where you would like to place it. Release the left click once the symbol is in the desired location. 


Left click once on the placed symbol to bring up the properties menu.


You can change the Rotation, Scale, Border Color, Border Width and Fill Color with the appropriate fields.

The rotation is by degrees. If 180 is entered, the symbol will flip upside-down.

Click apply to view the changes without closing the properties window.


Click Update to make any changes and close the Properties box.

Image Image

Remove Symbol from the map

Make sure the Symbols layer is still selected in the right hand panel.

The symbol can be deleted in 3 different ways.

1. Hover the mouse cursor over the symbol that you want deleted so a red bounding box appears. 


Without clicking your mouse, press the delete key on the keyboard and it will remove the symbol.


2. Another way to remove or delete the symbol is to click on the symbol to bring up the properties window and click on the delete button. 


3. The third way is to delete all the symbols at once. Simply click the trash icon underneath the symbols button.


Note: Symbols act like labels in that once the account is logged out the symbol will be cleared for the next session

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