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DynaNav's Vektor MAX system can export a specific .sur file type for importing into a Surety or Surety Pro subscription.

How to export a log file out of the Vektor MAXX system

To generate a .sur log file from the Vektor MAXX system click on the "Reports" button on the initial screen.


Then select the desired job from the list and click "Open Report"


Select "USB Stick" to save to a USB drive.


Select the "Surety report SUR" option and click "OK"


Import the .SUR file into Surety and Surety Pro

Surety accounts are limited to uploading and viewing one log file at a time.
Surety Pro accounts can upload an unlimited number of log files to store in their account.

Click on the File drop down and hover over Import > As Applied Logs > DynaNav Log


Browse and find the .sur log file from your computer or device.


Click Upload File


Let it process for a minute and it will prompt with a status of completion.

Access the log file by clicking on Layers then expanding the Log Layers and finally expanding on the specific uploaded layer.


Add the file to an application form in the same way as outlined in the Upload Log File support Page

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