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Additional administrator(s) can be setup by a current administrative account using the Subscription Studio.

See also: Subscription Studio, Configure Administrative Account

First log in using the company admin profile.

Hover over the Admin drop down and click on Subscription Studio.


Once the Subscription Studio has opened, click on the ellipses for the Team Member needing to be setup as an Admin.


Click Edit Member


If you display the Team Members in the list view, then click on the Name assigned to the subscription to edit it. 


Click the Admin box


then click Save.


A successful save will change the subscription from Team Member to Admin. Administrator accounts are represented by a green colored tile.


The company administrator role has access to certain functions that standard subscriptions do not. These include:

  • renewing accounts,
  • purchasing and assigning add-on features,
  • adding/removing subscriptions
  • editing Team Member profiles
  • managing the company and location information
  • accessing the Form Designer (SP only)

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