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A shapefile attribute is a bit of information that is attached to a line, polygon, or point shape file. 

Attributes are constructed in a Name/Value pairing. The Name is the title of the attribute (ie:FARMNAME or FIELDNAME). The Value is the actual attribute number or name (ie:110 or SteveFarm). 

In Surety Pro, you can assign attributes FARMNAME, FIELDNAME to the borders that are saved via the Edit Borders button.

Edit Borders.

Edit Borders.

Additionally when importing shapefiles into either the borders layer or any other layer, the attribute Names of the shapefile can be matched up with the corresponding attribute Name of an existing layer or can be created if importing into a new custom layer. 

For example, when importing a shapefile into the Borders layer, (File>Import>Borders) you are given the opportunity to select attribute names from the file being imported to bring those values into the FARMNAME, FIELDNAME, and ACRES Attribute names of the border layer. 

Shapefile Attributes Designation.

Shapefile Attributes Designation.

When uploading, all attributes are optional and can be left as or set to blank values. If the ACRES attribute is not assigned, the borders acres from the map are assigned by default.

Parcel Boundary Export Attributes

When exporting parcel data boundaries, the exported shapefile will contain the attributes from the parcel data layer.

The same attributes can be found by pulling up the Parcel Info form.


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