Forms Designer - ControlType

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The first item in the Control Properties window is the ControlType drop down.

There are 2 main uses for this property.

  1. To determine the type of the object selected.  
  2. Change the type of the control(s) currently selected by choosing an alternative type from the drop down.

An example of the second use would be changing a regular text box into a Drop Down List. 
Note: This function should be used only if there is a control existing on a saved form and it is not possible to delete. Always try and place the appropriate control type initially.

Start by selecting the object that you want to change. 


Find the Control Type Property in the Control Properties window. 


Change it to your new desired type.


The text box is now changed to a drop down list. 


Note: Some control types cannot be changed due to the specific function that they perform.
Example: Soils Table


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