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The Forms Designer enables Surety Pro Administrators have the ability to design their own custom forms. Since the Forms Designer is an Advanced features that requires a basic understanding of design software and formula creation, AgriData offers a Form Design service that both Surety and Surety Pro accounts can take advantage of.

This feature is great for Surety users who want a form created or those Surety Pro users who may not have time to learn the ins and outs of the Forms Designer but want something that is professional and works exactly how they envision it working.

How to Submit a Custom Form Request

To begin the Form request process you can do 1 of 2 things.

1. You can send a request and Form specs to and we will get back to you with a quote (if any) for the service.

2. Submit a form request from directly within your mapping account. (Admin login required)

To access the Form Request Submission Page, hover over the Admin button in the Surety Menu Bar and click on Form Request


A window will open to allow you to fill in the details of the form/report you want created.


First verify that they information in the top 3 lines are correct. Name Phone number and email address need to be current because we like to keep in constant contact with you on the status and details of your request.

Form Name

This is what will appear in the Surety right hand column where you select the forms currently.


Form Description

Please type in a detailed description of how you want the form/report to look, act and what it's purpose is. This helps us tremendously in designing the form accurately.


Attach FilesThe more supporting content you have included, the quicker and more accurate the form will turn out. While not necessary, we highly recommend that you include a layout of how you want your form to look. Many users include a form that they have from another program, a excel document with the form laid out, a hand drawn layout that has been scanned into their computer, or an image that has been edited with the MS Paint program.

Everything Detail Helps!

In order to attach a file click on Browse...


Locate your file that you want to include on your computer


Select it and click open


Your file is now attached. Up to 5 items can be attached.


To finish, Click Save


A Work Order will be created. Our design team will review the information and contact you at as soon as we can to give you a price quote for the service.

Once we have completed designing the form we will release it to your company. You will now be able to generate the form and test its functionality.

If there is something that is not working correctly or implemented incorrectly, contact us right away so we can fix it.

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