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NOTE: With the system update on 5/16/2019, FEMA Info has been replaced with the FEMA Report.

FEMA Info allows you to see more information for the selected area of the map. 

First, zoom down fairly close to the Area of Interest. See Also: Search, Zoom In


Using the select tool, place an x in the exact area you want more FEMA information. Note: It helps to have the FEMA Floodzone layer enabled in order to see the different areas. In this example I am selecting 4 different areas that have different Flood Zone coloring.


Click on the "FEMA Info" link in the list of reports and forms.


A box containing information including: FIRM Panel, Effective Date, Flood Zone, and Flood Zone subtype appears for each of the locations that you have selected.


Here is a list of the FEMA Flood Zone Types according to an informational study document found here: http://www.fema.gov/media-library-data/20130726-1535-20490-4172/unit3.pdf


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